Monday, May 25, 2009


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Traffic is down all around as Memorial Day celebrations have fanned out across all three days of the long weekend.

The ‘hot tidbit’ of the moment is on the wire services reporting how a fresh North Korean nuclear weapons test has rattled the Asian markets.

It is somewhat bizarre that the one political culture that frets endlessly over who should or should not have a nuclear weapon is the same culture which is alone in actually using this technology.

It is also the same political culture that is quick to threaten non-nuclear nations with nuclear annihilation. (Although the last nation reported to be threatened with nuclear annihilation was nuclear-armed Pakistan. While a nuke is a nuke, the ‘delivery systems’ are akin to comparing catapults with a continuously updated GPS based targeting system that is accurate to a few feet even if the weapon was launched from the other side of the planet…

The difference between the two is the difference between ‘hope’ and ‘certainty’. No irony should be lost on the fact that the huge build up of our nuclear arsenal over the years (as well as a steady stream of ‘improvements’ in both accuracy and delivery systems for this ‘arsenal]) has formed the ‘foundation’ of our current, monstrous government debt.

It is perhaps more ironic that other nations have not followed us down the path towards ‘nuclear supremacy’, other nations have concentrated on providing for their people instead of squandering their future on an ‘unwinable’ race.

Let the US pay for the R&D, they’ll sell us whatever they develop anyway.

This is perhaps the most ‘attractive’ feature of gaining membership to the ‘nuclear club’. President Bush has committed to sell all kinds of ‘state of the art’ nuclear technology to India…because we ‘like’ India…even if they aren’t signatories of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

This is yet another example of the longstanding public/private ‘partnership’ where the public foots the tab for the research, which is handed over for free to private sector corporations who sell the developments for the profit of their shareowners.

Which is to point out that we will never live in a world that is free of nuclear weapons until the motive to profit from this technology is eliminated.

In fact the only way to save the planet itself from being recklessly over-exploited is to remove the ability of the individual to profit from the pursuit of such activity.

The practice of selling votes for campaign contributions is a heinous abrogation of the responsibility of those elected to ‘represent’ us.

Naturally, there isn’t a single sitting politician that will admit to selling out their constituency for personal gain. Yet our representatives consistently fail to protect our interests.

The most recent failure is the passage of the Credit Card bill that fails to enact standards to prevent usury.

Is this merely an oversight or an extension of the belief that ‘markets are self-regulating’?

Simply put good citizen, a system that places profits for the individual ahead of the safety and well-being of society at large is not only foolish but dangerous in the extreme.

It is our collective duty to preserve the legacy of liberty this nation was founded upon so it does not 'perish’ from this earth…

There is at last a blueprint to save our nation from the fate of so many empires before us.

The drumbeat that the US is turning into a ‘banana republic’ grows louder good citizen.

The only one capable of saving us from this fate is ‘the man in the mirror’.

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