Thursday, August 21, 2014


Greetings good citizen,

As I opined in earlier posts, the destruction of our civilization proceeds apace. That said, the biggest illusion most of you suffer from is that they won’t get away with it when history shows they have, repeatedly.

Who is the source of this insidious oppression?

The man with the badge…the same guy that claims to be protecting YOU.

You know you’ll do time for a minor infraction while the privileged few walks away unmolested.

Especially galling is how a teenager in Missouri is shot to death for allegedly shoplifting while not a single perp has done a second of jail time for dealing in ‘collateralized debt obligations’.

Is this policing in action?

Is the message here ‘steal big?’ Or more troubling…how can they prosecute you for robbing our species ‘creatively’ with ‘imaginary’ products?

This, by the same people who call the lottery a ‘stupidity tax’.

But I’m still trying to figure out what a ‘bitcoin’ is…and how your computer can make/ ‘mine’ them…

It’s the old, “if you have to ask then you probably can’t afford the answer.”

It also deposits us back at the disturbing issue of how does a society that makes nothing support itself?

Because we all know the short answer here…it doesn’t…but I, along with a lot of other smart people, have been pointing the brazenness of those who mis-manage our civilization for decades.

So what are you gonna do when you find out you’re holding an empty bag…look for a buyer?

Worse, the bag will empty ‘on command’…one day there’s the crumbs you’ve managed to squirrel away and the next, poof!

Sad thing is the metal is no more secure than the paper is…and you idiots know who you are.

So to cut to the chase, we are and have been suffering from a major overload of BS. The disturbing part is those responsible for dishing out the BS are the same people pushing YOUR buttons!

Which is to belabor the obvious…most of what passes for ‘news’ these days can be filed under ‘who gives a shit?’ but they broadcast it anyway because the alternative is silence…and silence leads to thinking…and you know what happens when people start thinking.

We SHOULD be living in a ‘golden age’ but the ‘more for me’ crowd isn’t interested is sharing what’s left…and the sad part about that is they are screwing themselves (along with the rest of us) out of some wonderful developments.

Shift mental gears with me as we take on one of the more disturbing ideas put forth by our ‘mis-managers’…the concept of ‘why work’?

One need not look too far to find ‘forward-thinking’ individuals making a case against one of the most natural forces on the planet…the one money was invented to address.

The same nitwits who put forth the mistaken notion that money exists so we can pay taxes (or, conversely, taxes exist to ‘justify’ the existence of money) is absolutely wrong.

Money exists so YOU don’t have to do EVERYTHING yourself!

Put yourself in Libertarian hell for a moment and try to wrap your mind around what would be involved in providing yourself with EVERYTHING you need to be a productive member of society. (Helpful hint: start with naked and imagine what kind of clothing you could fashion for yourself if you were stranded in the wilderness…would you be hoping to run into a junkyard somewhere?)

YOU couldn’t do it…and neither could any of these self-made, self-reliant assholes who call themselves ‘job creators’ and appreciate nothing anyone does because it’s all them!

So why work?

Because working is how we ‘participate’ in society.

Shift gears again because that necessary social good has been bastardized into an income stream for the unappreciative. (Our so-called job creators’)


One need only look at the aisles of any retail store to see how much of our efforts are wasted with ‘busy work’ (or worse, poisoning one another.)

But we do what we do to survive and still the vast majority of us live in wretched squalor (and the rest suffer a ‘hand to mouth’ existence.)

Why, you might ask?

So ‘a few’ can be rich.

How sad is it that the only ones who think that’s a ‘good idea’ are those (criminal) ‘lucky few?’

How do we, er, ‘dislodge’ the swine who control our fate from the corridors of power?

We must remove the corridors of power from their reach. [See A Simple Plan]

Which is to once again belabor the obvious and return full circle with the central issue facing our species.

We don’t have ‘money problems’…we have a HUGE ‘legal problem’ (and NOBODY to date has even nodded in the proper direction, not Marx, not anyone.)

Until now and I’m no hero.

Um, if I have to tell you to attack then I’m wasting my breath (figuratively speaking.)

The life you save will definitely be your children’s.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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