Friday, August 1, 2014


Greetings good citizen,

Long time…but nothing has ‘changed’ (which is to say we’re still going to hell in a bucket and our leadership [what passes for it] continues to pretend it is powerless to it.)


I stopped posting partly because I felt I was… ‘shouting at mountains’ (wasting my breath) and my third shift position really took it out of me…but last night I got evidence that my words/ideas aren’t so outlandish that they had best be kept to myself.

Which is not to say I had any (direct) influence on the views I saw expressed on the most recent episode of Real Time with Bill Mahar. What piqued my curiosity is Bill had a Marxist on in tandem with this spotlight on our failed social model and he, like me, asked the question, “What now?”

Anyhoo, the job, (like the fifty plus before it) ‘evaporated’ just shy of a year…which really sucks because I have seven more years to go until I can draw my SSI…but what are you gonna do?

Besides, the way things are going, I’m going to have a lot more to worry about than where to address my miniscule (compared to the cost of living) Social Security checks.

So what do you do when most of the people of this nation have been made ‘redundant’ (and the bankers have made off with all of their pension funds while our politicians studiously looked the other way?)

[Hint: clawbacks are NOT the answer; we have never needed to ‘get the money back’ (because ALL money is ‘funny’!)]

And to digress yet again…I’m not the only one faced with the predicament of being forced to survive in a broken society.

And NO ONE intends to save us.

Worse, the plans have already been laid to, er, ‘beat back’ the restless/dissatisfied masses. (What else would Homeland Security do with a billion rounds of 9mm? Are you really stupid enough to believe they’re preparing for a ‘terrorist invasion?’ Guess who gets to wear the terrorist uniform?)

(Can you say genocide?)

[Did I mention nothing has changed?]

Um, I have ‘danced to the border’ with most of my posts, always stopping just short of offering concrete, er, ‘opinions’ regarding what YOU should be doing about all this.

Left (for far too long) to your imagination is what SHOULD BE obvious to you.

It all starts with accountability.

Letting our ‘enforcement agents’ off the hook with the ‘I was just following orders’ excuse is what has led us to where we are today.

Don’t misinterpret…I’m talking a ‘bottom up’ approach.

The cops say they are doing what they’re told (by the judges and the politicians) but who do they all ‘work for/answer to?


So when some ‘armed thug’ tries to pick your pocket (an exercise in intimidation/obedience) just smile, take the ticket and throw it away.

The thing YOU need to understand is Mr. Just following orders will put a bullet in you (and would secretly prefer to) if he is ‘ordered’ to.

Is that the kind of person YOU want carrying a weapon and brandishing a badge?

It’s EXACTLY the kind of person the weasels running us off a cliff want taking their orders…the kind that don’t think because it makes their little head hurt!

I refuse to candy coat this. Cops already hate me (even the ones who agree with me because they see it too!)

Correcting this situation starts at the bottom…which brings us back to the original question, what will we run out of first, rope or light poles?

Again, don’t misunderstand. It doesn’t stop with the cops. The politicians and the, er, injustice system needs to be, um, ‘cleansed’ along with it. And it doesn’t stop there! The entire corporate structure has to be overhauled and the self-serving eliminated from the process.

I’m not lifting the blinders off of anyone’s eyes. You all see it too.

Amazing how the silence is deafening (and I don’t expect that to change either.)

Well, now I’ve done it. It’s one thing to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re a fool and quite another to express yourself and convince them it’s true.

Until next time,

Thank you for letting me inside your head,


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