Saturday, July 4, 2009


Greetings good citizen,

What part of no jobs means no recovery don’t’ you get? People without income can’t pay their debts so its pretty much a no brainer that folks no longer employed are also not paying they’re debts!

Yet the economists among us think (stupidly) that the people without income will somehow pay their debts, thus all the ‘green shoots’ they keep pointing to.

‘Green shoots’ has done wonders for the stock market, even if it has no basis in reality.

Worse, people currently losing their jobs have next to no chance of ever being re-hired. So we an only wonder how this translates into ‘green shoots….

These cuts aren’t ‘temporary’, they’re permanent!

So only an oaf would mis-interpret this as a temporary slow-down.

Not that we have a shortage of oafs…

There are still plenty of them saying we are only experiencing a ‘temporary downturn’.

Which doesn’t make them correct by any stretch of the imagination, it only makes them wrong on a grand scale.

Thank heavens for this nation’s waterways or there wouldn’t be anyone trading stock regardless of how far they were from the markets…

Yes good citizen, the ‘health’ of our economy is based almost solely upon the health of our import market.

If we fail to arrest our tumbling employment numbers we will soon find ourselves in that terrible crisis laid out in ‘for want of a nail’…

Not only will we find ourselves in the position of not being able to supply critical goods or services to society, but we will find ourselves trapped in a situation that there is no way out of.

Its bad enough that we have so many unemployed but hid compounds he problem of our money becoming more worthless.

That which we don’t produce for ourselves must come from somewhere else. This leads to the horrendous situation of how will we secure what we need if we cannot pay for it?

This is the ‘bottom line’ for an economy that imports more than it exports (and had done so for decades.)

If we don’t start making what we need we’re going to be forced to do without it because our credit card is just about max’ed out.

It’s bad enough that summer has been trimmed by a half dozen irreplaceable weeks, we are now in the sorry position of having to buy from someone else that which grows naturally here.

And we don’t have the funds.

Think unemployment is a big ‘whoop’, think again!

We’ve lost a lot of ‘core industries’ due to ‘profit minded’ investors now we find ourselves in the position of having to replace that lost production via the trade door…and its not there!

We are the ones living on a ‘war footing’, if our ability to make war is impacted, it only stands to reason that our ability to win wars is similarly left wanting.

Our tax base is a shambles because our spending is focused on war, not production.

Talk like this must seem pretty ridiculous to you but believe me, this is the handwriting on the wall.

I apologize for going off again about the unemployment numbers but once again it is important to reinforce the concept that there won’t be anything resembling a recovery until the employment figure are stabilized.

You know this, they know this…so why do they downplay the significance of the nightmares we’re all having?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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