Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rules, like promises, are for chumps

Greetings good citizen,

Up Date: Every time I get an early start on one of these something happens. This time the WHO upgraded the Swine flu outbreak to ‘level five’ -eminent global pandemic. It’s no longer a question of ‘if’ there will be more deaths, the question now is ‘how many?’

Back to the original post.

The new GDP numbers came out today and the markets are rallying like mad…apparently the idiots think we have ‘hit bottom’ at (negative) 6.1%

I’ve been puzzling over this and have reached the conclusion that the stock markets are ‘eyewash’ with no basis in reality. Like the money in your pocket, it’s all just numbers on paper.

Perhaps more disturbing is the end result of this brand of ‘fakery’; we are ‘mesmerized’ into inaction. Swindled into believing things are on the mend when our plight deepens by the minute.

What am I babbling about? It is not possible to make rational decisions without accurate information.

Let’s have a little ‘reality check’. The economy has lost half of its value over 2008 and yet our GDP (whatever the hell that’s supposed to tell us) has only dropped 6.1% in the past two quarters.

Unemployment continues to rise yet and for some bizarre reason the same people that have lost half of their (and your) money think we have hit bottom?

What ‘rational decision’ do you think you should be making in light of these facts?

How does this irrational behavior reflect upon the ‘competence’ of the people running the so-called ‘private sector’?

Given their gross incompetence, should there even be a ‘private sector’ (considering our continued survival depends on it?)

Lets take a look at the employment situation and use it to weigh the fact that your continued survival is NOT the top priority of the so-called ‘private sector.’

They most certainly can do without you but the reverse is not true.

Now ask yourself if you are as stupid as they obviously think you are?

Don’t beat yourself up good citizen, we have been carefully taught not to think along these lines or to even consider these terms.

The rich are rich because they deserve it, you are not because you don’t (deserve it) and it would be the end of the world if we shared the fruits of the planet equitably.

There’s your ‘gold standard’ good citizen, if our society were properly managed, rich and poor would be meaningless terms.

We have arrived at a point in time where this brand of ‘mismanagement’ is no longer tolerable (because we’re gonna be rich too someday!)

Extract your head from your buttocks and wake up!

The game is rigged, it’s not about you getting rich; it’s about them remaining rich.

We have become a human ‘feedlot’ where so many human ‘cattle’ drone their lives away keeping their ‘owners’ in the lap of luxury.

Is this what you want for your children?

Without equality there can be no justice; without justice there can be no peace; without peace there can be no prosperity.

It’s a pretty simple equation and until we embrace it and make it reality, our species is doomed to be nothing more than a curiosity, an oddity in the larger scheme of the universe.

We’ll become one more extinct life form that couldn’t figure out how to stop preying upon itself, tragic for us but of no consequence to the rest of the cosmos.

The dust of our civilization will leave no evidence as to why so few had to have so much while so many had so little.

It is Darwinian in the extreme to consider an entire species wiped out by something as preventable as ‘mismanagement’.

Addendum: Above is where I stopped writing this afternoon to prepare to go to work, I have now returned and it’s several hours later…why mention this? Because we’re about to jump a few tracks…

Shift mental gears as we shift from eminent extinction through mismanagement to a system that only benefits a few, a tiny minority in fact.

While I recognize that capitalism is held in high esteem by a large number of people, a vast majority of capitalism’s supporters do not personally enjoy the benefits of capitalism.

Their support is due to the ‘possibility’ that they too may someday become ‘capitalists’…and if they don’t, it’s their own fault for not playing their cards right…

As I point out above, the game is not about you getting rich, it’s about them staying rich (at your expense.)

You have as much chance of becoming rich as you do of becoming king!

Let’s look at some real life examples, a vast majority of lottery winners go bankrupt. There have been thousands of winners and a few have hit for more than a hundred million dollars, so where is the Bill Gates ‘lottery winner’?

Strangely, this same fact is used to justify why people like Angelo Mozillo and Sandy Weill deserved their multimillion dollars parachutes. An ‘average’ person with a large windfall has yet to ‘succeed’ in business.

What does this tell you good citizen? It tells you that it takes more than money to succeed in business.

Like most things, it’s not what you know but who.

Disturbingly, it is the same ‘who’ that are guilty of mismanaging our society to the edge of extinction. (No, it’s not too late to stop them, but time is running out.)

So why do some many fairly bright people delude themselves into thinking they’ve ‘got what it takes’ when the only way to gain access to the club is to be born there?

You can become one of these guy’s ‘friends’ and they will ‘take care of you’ but membership in the club? Out of the question!

Why is membership important? For the same reason someone with fifty or a hundred million dollars can’t buy their way in, all of the ‘slots’ are taken.

Pick any venture you can think of and there’s already somebody that ‘controls’ that slot/market niche. You may be able to hold your own for a while against the incumbent but eventually they’ll bleed you white.

You were ‘late to the party’ good citizen, the sooner you wake up to that fact the better off we’ll all be.

It looks like I’m talking about the mob here…well, guess what ‘entrenched power’ is?

Can you think of a better explanation as to why taxpayer funds are being used to bailout the banking sector from a mess they themselves created?

It goes against everything we were taught about how capitalism works…but there it is!

The ‘rules’ like ‘promises’ are for chumps.

Think about it…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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