Thursday, April 23, 2009

Capitalism is Dead

Greetings good citizen,

I’m fresh from the hunt and have brought back what should not be particularly shocking news.

Capitalism is dead.

For some bizarre reason, nobody is willing to point this obvious fact out and we can only wonder why?

Understand good citizen that when capitalism was first rolled out, it failed spectacularly!

These first attempts were a stab at ‘capitalist utopia’ where all participants were provided with capital, so they indeed met in the marketplace as ‘equals’.

As one might expect, a society of all ‘Chiefs’ and no Indians couldn’t get out of its own way.

Realizing their mistake, ownership was restricted to a few, thereby forcing the rest to work for the owners (until they had ‘earned’ their way into the ‘upper crust’. No Ponzi scheme is complete without the requisite ‘carrot’.)

This lopsided, one-way, dead end scheme has been in operation for almost 400 years. The ‘end product’ of this arrangement is a mountain of debt that is staggering in its dimensions.

This was due to the need to keep the carrot far enough out of reach so not too many ‘donkeys’ succeeded.

Sadly, the originators of the scheme have produced a considerable number of offspring over the course of 400 years. To keep them all ‘in the chips, the scheme had to grow to mammoth proportions. It is now so large that the economic output of the world can’t support it.

It’s a bit ironic to note that the shoe is now on the other foot. From the beginning, the monied classes have ceaselessly complained about ‘deadwood’…(the principal objection to trade unionism, protected, narrowly defined job classifications.)

Simply put good citizen, our economy is suffering from too much ‘deadwood’…upstairs.

For the past thirty years, the ‘owners’ of our society have been dealing with their ‘deadwood’ problem in the most ruthless manner, they’ve been sending (mostly) union jobs to non-union labor markets.

Naturally, the losses weren’t restricted to union jobs. The mere fact that US workers enjoyed a variety of employer paid benefits like vacations, paid holidays and sick time became reason enough to move ‘off-shore’.

Unforeseen or not, this had the consequence of ‘bankrupting’ their former customer base.

The jobs that remained here paid less than the jobs most workers lost, reducing their capacity to consume.

To add insult to injury, prices continued to climb as consumer’s purchasing power fell off a cliff due to our no longer producing as much wealth as we used to.

This is the ‘trade deficit’ in your face.

Which leads us to a rather obvious question that nobody is addressing…how will we pay off this enormous mountain of debt?

It’s somewhat bizarre to see ‘tea-baggers’ protesting tax increases (for the rich.) Do they honestly think our creditors will carry us forever?

Not only are we not producing enough wealth relative to the size of our population, but our tax base has been decimated…by the same scoundrels that sent our jobs overseas.

The ongoing government bailout of Wall Street isn’t the only thing angering the average American, we know who was behind the ‘big push’ to line their own pockets at the expanse of our nation…the big shots on Wall Street.

Many US industries were ‘threatened’ with having their shares ‘downgraded’ if they didn’t become ‘more competitive’.

Perhaps that by itself is the biggest kick in the gonads the workers of this nation were given as none of this technology was ‘native’ to the nations that now produce the bulk of it.

The Randites can threaten us with ‘going Galt’ all they want because the reality is they’ve already done it!

But wait, it gets better! These traitorous sons of bitches have blown huge holes in our nation’s security apparatus as the now foreign made chips have trojans within them capable of shutting down or disabling much of our military hardware as well as our domestic infrastructure.

Wouldn’t you love to know who authorized that little ‘oopsie’?

Once again, the answer is ‘follow the money’.

Find out who got rich off of outsourcing our vital technology and you’ll find who was behind getting such a foolhardy measure approved.

But once again we are straying off topic. Why is capitalism dead?

Could it be due to the fact that there’s no way to pay back the trillions of dollars of debt the bankers have saddled us with without literally ‘exterminating’ an entire generation worldwide.

Your debts die with you…but the alternative is equally as ‘silly’, levying a 100% income tax for the next hundred years. People without incomes don’t buy anything so what would these workers ‘do’ that wouldn’t be a pointless waste of time and effort?

It would be far simpler to kill the debt itself, and ultimately that is what it will come down to.

Even the capitalists would prefer losses to destruction.

More interesting is they COULD do this tomorrow…but they won’t. They’re going to squeeze as much as they can out of the government while the squeezing’s good.

But imagine if you will what would happen the day after a ‘jubilee’ was declared.

The newly ‘liberated’ bankers would be tripping over one another offering the newly debt free credit…while the folks on the commodity desk would be busy driving the price of everything through the roof.

You may not ‘want’ to borrow…but it’s unlikely you’ll have much choice.

As you can see, absolving debt without removing the criminals from power is only a temporary solution at best.

It should be obvious to everyone that this is how capitalism ‘works’, the object of capitalism is to bankrupt all of the other players…then start a fresh game.

Sadly good citizen, this is not a game this is about survival. No individual or group should have the power to hold us hostage to what we need to live.

We’d only need to rearrange the boxes in a slightly different order to ensure prosperity for all.

To realize that goal we must unseat those who place their own comfort ahead of the common good.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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