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Things that make your head go 'boom'!

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How many of you are thinking what I’m thinking? How the hell did BP get a permit to drill without having a failsafe method of capping the fucker IF something ‘went wrong’?

This brings us full circle to another ‘bizarre’, er, ‘coincidence’…have you noticed the fuckers are more concerned with being able to ‘get at’ the oil than they are in preventing an extinction level event in the Gulf?

They don’t want to ‘cap’ the fucking well! WTF is wrong with these people? This is way beyond stupid and the fact that the media has ignored this ‘option’ should tell you something.

If it were up to me, there would have been a HUGE HONKIN’ ROCK sitting on top of that puppy the day after the feed snapped! May not have sealed it ‘perfectly’ but at least it wouldn’t be blowing hundreds of barrels a minute into a sensitive eco-system either!

And we don’t even have that!

The level of, er, ‘ignorance’ displayed here is positively staggering! Once again ‘incompetence’ doesn’t even BEGIN to cover the level of ‘stupidity’ that has been indulged thus far!

Which brings us to tonight’s offering for another installment guaranteed to make your head explode!

I think we would gladly exchange all of the ‘artificial knowledge’ conferred upon the leaders of the world by their prestigious ‘college degrees’ for a ‘lick of common sense’!

HP to Cut 9,000 Jobs in Shift Toward Service Work
By Hugo Miller and Katie Hoffmann - Jun 1, 2010

Hewlett-Packard Co., the world’s largest personal-computer maker, plans to cut about 9,000 jobs and retool its computer-services business to help it compete with International Business Machines Corp.

HP will take a $1 billion charge for paying severance and modernizing its data centers to provide more automated services to customers, it said today in a regulatory filing. The Palo Alto, California-based company plans to replace about 6,000 of the eliminated positions with workers in different countries. [Somebody please explain to me why every Hewlett-Packard plant/retailer on US soil isn’t in flames right now? Why isn’t there a bill in Congress being ‘fast tracked’ to BAN HP products from the US market? Better, why isn’t HP’s charter being revoked? Or are the MORONS we elect to Congress TOO STUPID to understand what is in the public’s ‘best interests’?]

“These sets of actions will enable HP to grow better than the market,” Ann Livermore, executive vice president for enterprise business, said today on a conference call. “This is a substantial opportunity for us and something that we think is a good opportunity for our clients as well.” [You can insert ‘shareowners’ in there as well because this is another ‘cost based’ effort to reduce expense that will ultimately result in fewer customers!]

The job cuts come after HP raised its 2010 forecast last month for the third time since November as results beat analysts’ estimates on a revival in business spending. Chief Executive Officer Mark Hurd, who has announced more than 48,000 job cuts during his five-year tenure, has expanded into more profitable services as the recession crimped corporate budgets for equipment. He bought Electronic Data Systems Corp. for $13.2 billion in 2008, vaulting HP to No. 2 in services behind IBM. [Ironically, we can’t fault Mr. Hurd because he is following IBM’s example! Those, er, ‘ratfinks’ should also be banned from the US market and have their charter revoked as well!]

HP said the $1 billion in expenses for severance costs and asset impairments will be applied between now and fiscal 2013. The moves will result in net annual savings of $500 million to $700 million by the end of fiscal 2013, the company said. [Savings? You mean the company will ‘keep’ that money and it won’t be taken by Mr. Hurd as a well-deserved ‘bonus’? Heaven forbid the price of HP products might drop a few bucks, making them ‘more competitive! Because we all know this has NOTHING to do with competitiveness and everything to do with screwing the people who built the business from the ground up!]

Job-Cut History

The company had 304,000 employees at the end of its fiscal year in October. Hurd, 53, has cut jobs before to shift the workforce and expand the sales staff. When he became CEO in 2005, he cut 10 percent, or more than 15,000 positions, to lift profit. [And mostly to prove he had a pair…] In 2008, he announced a plan to eliminate 24,600 jobs over three years to save $1.8 billion after the purchase of EDS.

Livermore said today that the cuts and the new hiring will take place over a multiyear period. HP’s services unit will be hiring 6,000 workers in sales and in some “global delivery centers,” she said. [You can insert ‘call centers’ here…and don’t even imagine these jobs will be located within US jurisdiction. The corporate world are avowed ‘slavers’.]

“This company is focusing more and more on revenue growth in their services business,” said Aaron Rakers, an analyst at Stifel Nicolaus & Co. in St. Louis. “IBM’s always going to have a big presence in services, but these guys are going to battle it out for big deals.” [And US workers can go suck rocks!]

HP said last month that services revenue rose 2.5 percent to $8.71 billion, while PC sales rose 21 percent and orders for server computers and storage devices jumped 31 percent. Services accounted for 28 percent of HP’s overall $30.8 billion in quarterly revenue.

Dell, Xerox

Hewlett-Packard isn’t the only hardware maker trying to gain ground on Armonk, New York-based IBM, the world’s largest computer-services company. Dell Inc., the No. 3 personal- computer maker, bought Perot Systems Inc. in November for about $3.9 billion. Round Rock-Texas based Dell said in February it plans to acquire more computer-services companies.

Xerox Corp., based in Norwalk, Connecticut, completed its purchase of Affiliated Computer Services Inc. for about $6 billion in February to accelerate its focus on computer services amid declining sales of printing equipment.

Hewlett-Packard fell 43 cents to $45.58 at 4 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. The stock has dropped 12 percent this year.

“We are very supportive of this move,” Louis Miscioscia, an analyst at Collins Stewart Plc in Boston, said today in a note. “We believed there was more to be done” for HP to catch up to IBM, he said.

Never mind the obvious ‘pro-corporate’ spin of two US companies ‘slugging it out for market share’. What we’re seeing here is the reason why you (or your kid) can’t/won’t find a decent job! They’re all being ‘outsourced’ and the ignorant morons in Washington aren’t lifting a finger to stop it, despite campaign promises to the contrary!

Well don’t look now good citizen because believe it or not it’s even worse than it appears

Dead Cat Labor Market

Rebound in the labor market? Looks more like a dead cat bounce, where a great many of the jobs being created are either temporary, part-time, low wage, or stripped down, like those detailed in the following report, "Say Goodbye to Full-Time Jobs with Benefits":

Jobs may be coming back, but they aren't the same ones workers were used to.

Many of the jobs employers are adding are temporary or contract positions, rather than traditional full-time jobs with benefits. With unemployment remaining near 10%, employers have their pick of workers willing to accept less secure positions.

In 2005, the government estimated that 31% of U.S. workers were already so-called contingent workers. Experts say that number could increase to 40% or more in the next 10 years.

James Stoeckmann, senior practice leader at WorldatWork, a professional association of human resource executives, believes that full-time employees could become the minority of the nation's workforce within 20 to 30 years, leaving employees without traditional benefits such as health coverage, paid vacations and retirement plans, that most workers take for granted today. [What Bobo isn’t saying is that ‘churn’ has already devastated over fifty percent of the working aged population’s ‘benefit packages’.]

"The traditional job is not doomed. But it will increasingly have competition from other models, the most prominent is the independent contractor model," he said. [Why do you suppose that is? Because I.C.’s are ‘responsible’ for their own benefits, as well as making sure their taxes are paid! You think the government is in trouble now? Picture a largely ‘self-employed’ workforce where you have all of the downside and none of the upside of working for yourself!]

Doug Arms, senior vice president of Ajilon, a staffing firm, says about 90% of the positions his company is helping clients fill right now are on a contract basis.

"[Employers] are reluctant to bring on permanent employees too quickly," he said. "And the available candidate landscape is much different now. They're a little more aggressive to take any position."

Cathy, who asked that her last name not be used, lost her job as a recruiter for a financial services firm in February 2009. She started working on a contract basis four months later. She believes that many employers are taking improper advantage of the weak labor market.

"I work in HR, I understand that sometimes you need to hire a contractor because you have a project and you won't need the person when it's done in three months," she said. "But that's not what's happening here."

Cathy said her co-workers who had permanent jobs didn't treat her differently, but she still felt like a second-class citizen.

"At one job they were giving out H1N1 flu shots but the contract workers weren't eligible to receive them," she said. "I said 'You guys are still in trouble if I get the flu.'"

Much of the change is due to employers' desire to limit their costs. Stoechmann equates the shift to the one seen in retirement plans, in which employers moved away from the traditional pension plan toward defined contribution plans, which passes more of the burden onto the employee.

Yippee yi yo ki yay! Geez mo’ fo, ‘The Deal’ done got changed somewhere down the line and today’s kids are ‘too stupid’ to know things weren’t always like this!

Understand that you ‘surrender’ your right to ‘fend for yourself’ in exchange for having your needs met by society…but the ‘private sector fuckers’ think they are not bound to this ‘arrangement’.

The coming ‘energy crisis’ (which may be a lot closer than you think, considering what’s going on in the Gulf.) Will ‘short circuit’ the out-sourcing of physical products and the difficulty of long distance troubleshooting (think the Boeing ‘Dreamliner’, which still isn’t flying!) will claw back a percentage of jobs that are currently being done ‘over a wire’ solely to enrich the capitalist pigs.

It’s obvious the focus on ‘expense reduction’ was the primary driver behind the crisis in the Gulf today. The cheap fucks couldn’t even spend the money to change the batteries on the friggin safety device! It’s not like they weren’t making it ‘hand over fist’ or that oil was ‘dirt cheap’!

A little ‘trite’ to be saying ‘penny-wise and pound-foolish’ but there it is!

Better, the whole ‘loyalty’ thing will get a serious re-working because what you care about and why will suddenly matter very much!

The whole ‘profit’ thing is going to go right out the window because it has nothing to do with survival.

Funny how ‘life’ changes everything!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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