Friday, December 4, 2009

You know how they grow mushrooms, don't you?

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How about that unemployment report, huh? It really makes you wonder just what the folks at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are smoking, doesn’t it? On one hand we have REAL claims for new benefits logging in at over 500,000 A FUCKING WEEK, then we get a MONTHLY total, derived from a ‘phone survey’ that says we’re only down 11,000 jobs…does it look to you like SOMEBODY has fallen down on the job here?

I mean WHERE the hell did those telemarketers call to get that kind of a screwball figure? It sure as hell wasn’t in the United States!

How ‘unrealistic’ is the 11,000 figure? Well, that’s what tonight’s offering shows us…the number is so unbelievable that even the investors aren’t buying it…and we know they will buy just about anything regardless of how outlandish!

(Um, the ‘Stupidity index’ actually closed in positive territory today, it was up 20…)

Wall Street Gives Up Gains From Jobs Report

Published: December 4, 2009

After surging more than 1 percent on a better-than-expected jobs report, shares on Wall Street fell back. [It WAS up a lot more than twenty early in today’s trading.]

At noon, shares were mixed with the Dow Jones industrial average in negative territory.

The Dow Jones industrial average was down 14.51 points or 0.14 percent in late morning trading. The Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index and the Nasdaq were both flat.

The Labor Department said in Washington that the United States lost 11,000 jobs in November, less than a tenth of the roughly 125,000 job losses economists had been expecting. The unemployment rate improved to 10 percent from 10.2 percent in October. [What’s REALLY bizarre here good citizen is that there are NO freaking jobs in the paper OR on the internet, so our 11,000 losses certainly weren’t ‘offset’ by a hiring binge.]

While companies are still shedding workers, the pace was the best since the recession began in December 2007, and suggested to some ‘anal-ysts’ that the economy is headed toward recovery. [There will be no recovery until hiring returns and workers, those ‘paycheck peasants’ get a stiff wage increase! Anyone who claims otherwise is talking out of their ‘anus’.]

Jeffrey Saut, chief investment strategist for Raymond James, characterized the November job-loss number as “an outlier.” [No kidding Sherlock! What was your first clue?]

“There’s no doubt the traders on Wall Street want to see the recession is in the rear-view mirror,” he said, “but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the jobless rate ticking up again in the months ahead.” [Here’s a toughie because the ‘unemployment number’ will probably remain ‘stable’…what’s going to ‘rise’ is the number of people that are permanently eliminated from the workforce as they exhaust their benefits.]

Unemployment, he added, is a lagging indicator, so investors who wait for the labor market to turn around have historically missed out on major market gains. [This will prove to be one of those ‘exceptions’ because the ‘real’ economy has not improved, even a little.]

Lawrence Glazer, managing partner at Mayflower Advisors in Boston, said would-be stock buyers remained somewhat cautious, despite the surprising if not downright alarming data.

“Investors are still seeing a yawning chasm divergence between Wall Street’s gains and Main Street’s malaise,” he said. “The market has been anticipating better data all along. The question hasn’t been ‘is the market pricing in a recovery,’ but ‘is the market pricing in too big of a recovery.’ ” [For the first time in history the banking sector is drawing cash out of the Treasury and betting it in the stock markets…this is reckless beyond Wall Streets wildest dreams! The US is being destroyed before our eyes!]

Mr. Glazer said institutional investors had already begun to close positions and did not want to be reshuffling portfolios toward the end of the year, damping the effect of the positive surprise.

In other economic news, the Commerce Department reported that orders to American factories unexpectedly rose 0.6 percent in October, which was better than the flat reading that economists had expected. [snip]

What ‘American Factories’ are they talking about and are those factories even in the US? Mexico is part of America and so is Canada, fuckin’ chiselers! If you don’t get that then ask why the weasels didn’t say US factories?

Don’t let the bastards put you to sleep, there was definitely ‘something wrong’ with today’s survey…like it was cut short.

It really pisses me off to see these pixel pushing assholes trying to pull a fast one on the general public like the ‘American Factories’ example. Anywhere in the Western Hemisphere is ‘America’ but only the 50 States are in the US.

The assholes didn’t tell you US factory orders were up because those ‘American Factories’ aren’t in the US (or they would have said so!)

Okay, a couple of deep breaths…that’s better. While it’s better to be ‘pissed off’ than ‘pissed on’, neither state of mind is particularly productive.

It is both bizarre and dangerous beyond belief good citizen to ‘play’ with the public like this! The weekly unemployment figures have remained at a steady 500,000 a week since BEFORE the crisis began.

They are messing with us because, as I have pointed out many times before, there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it!

Until we ‘resist’ being exploited, our situation will not improve. It is not time to ‘change tyrants’; it is time to crush tyranny wherever it exists!

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